dental implants

What are dental implants?

A dental implant is an artificial root that replaces your missing tooth. The dental implant is fixed to the jawbone where the roots used to be. The dental implant is made from titanium.

A dental implant is able to support a denture, bridge or crown. Bone grows around the implant over time, which helps it stay in place.

The procedure used to replace missing teeth is called a dental implant procedureAfter the implant has been placed, a crown is attached. The crown will be made to match your existing teeth.

Dental Implant

Why would I need a Dental Implant?

You may want to consider a dental implants if you have one or several missing teeth.

Not everyone can get a dental implants. You will need to arrange a consultation with the team at City Station Dental to find out if this procedure is suitable for you. You need:

  • Your jawbone to be healthy
  • Have enough bone to support the implant
  • You should inform your dentist about any health conditions you may have
  • any medicines you take
  • Your gums are healthy

What happens during the dental implant procedure?

You can have your dental implant procedure performed by:

  • general dentist
  • Periodontist
  • oral surgeon

It depends on the factors above as to which professional is best suited to perform the procedure for you. The dental implant procedure usually takes place in several stages, over the course of a few weeks to months.

You will first need to get scans and x-rays so that your dentist can see where the implant should be placed.

In a standard procedure, your dentist will place the implant in your jawbone under a local anaesthetic to ensure that you do not feel any pain during the procedure.

In about three months, your bone will grow around the implant and help to keep it in place.

While the implant site heals, your artificial crown (tooth) is created in a lab.

The metal implant is attached to the crown to fill in the gap between your teeth.

You can use dental implants to support a 1-3 teeth per implant or multiple teeth or even a denture on multiple implants.

Do You need a DENTURE?

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