Children's Dentistry

City Station Dental team look after children of all ages from 2-17 years old. Our aim is to provide the best first experiences for a child as this will be carried with them into adulthood. We help minimise anxiety at the dentist and attend to your child’s needs in a fun and healthy way!

Children dentist


We offer sevices for kids, as listed below:

  • Check up and Clean

  • Fillings on baby and adult teeth

  • Extraction of baby teeth

  • Fissure sealants

  • X-rays if required

  • Colouring in and drawings

and all can be bulk billed under the Medicare Children’s dental benefit scheme if your kids are eligible! Call us to find out if they are!


By the age of 3 or 4, a child will have 20 baby teeth.

It is possible that this can change, as every child grows at a different rate. Some teeth will grow faster or slower than others. The same is true for the time when the baby teeth are due to fall.

The chart to the right lists the names of the teeth. The names are identical on both sides. This information shows when the baby tooth of the child erupts, and what year it is lost.


This scheme is offered to children aged 2-17 years old only. It is a voucher given to each child valued at $1100 to use every 2 calendar years, that covers a child’s dental costs. If you don’t use the full amount within the 2 calendar years, you will lose the remaining funds. Medicare check’s annually if your child is eligible for the voucher.

​*NOTE: This scheme is means tested meaning it is based on parental income. Check with Medicare if your child is ELIGIBLE for CDBS. Not everyone is eligible for this voucher.

WANT YOUR CHILD TO have a dental exam?

The team at City Station Dental are always happy to help attend to your child’s needs!

We want to make going to the dentist a fun and happy experience! Get in touch with us today to book your child in!